Gate Remote Purchasing Information:

  • If you did not receive your two remotes at closing you should contact Penney at Associa (512-347-3019)
  • If you have lost your remote(s) in the months waiting for the gates to work, you can purchase new ones online – On Amazon search for “Linear Act-31B 1-Channel Keychain Transmitter” – be sure to order this exact model number remote only
  • New remotes cost between $15 and $25 each depending on where you buy them
  • If you don’t have an Amazon account, contact me (email address below) and I will give you a source to purchase a remote (probably more expensive than above)
  • Yes, you can have more than two remotes – if you want to purchase the additional devices. We can add the information to your record at any time

Send gate questions to: [email protected]